About Sprout Creative

Sprout Creative is your source for planning, analyzing, and creating visual solutions to your communication goals.

Sprout has evolved a fundamental methodology to meet the needs of clients across all mediums.

Sprout Creative is a Portland, Oregon cottage industry owned and operated by Azriel Hayes that enjoys working with people anywhere in the world. With over 27 years of experience, Azriel’s passion for great design is the driving force behind a constant pursuit of innovation, forward thinking, and creativity.

We produce clear and intelligent brand, design and advertising work…creating campaigns that speak in one powerful voice with your brand at the very core of the design. Sprout Creative can help you bring your products and services to the right customers with the right message and the right look.

From design agencies, small independent retailers, to international corporations, Sprout Creative has worked with a variety of business interests. We have also worked on a broad range of products, with technologies and aims such as ecommerce systems, CMS integration, online/offline marketing, site analytics and more.

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Let Great Design Happen
To You.

Sprout Creative’s Azriel Hayes has the unique ability to merge graphic design and website development with an artistic design that is a perfect coupling of both his style and his clients’ goals. He operates with precision and accuracy to capture each client’s marketing vision. Azriel is a consummate professional and his work remains the cornerstone of our most effective media.” — Eddie Passadore, Owner
Passadore Properties
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